Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Have A Friend Around The Corner

      Around the corner I have a friend in this city with no end,
Yet the days go by,
Weeks rush on,
and months fly by
and before I know it, a year has gone by, 
and I never see my old friend's face. 
  For life is swift, a terrible harsh race, 
they know I care and like them, 
and they care just as well, 
as in the days we would hang out, 
but we were so much younger
back then, 
and now we are busy and tired, 
individuals tired of of a foolish game, 
tired of trying to make a home, 
and our way in this world, 
"tomorrow" I say, 
"I will call my friend to show them I do care"
and I am thinking of them,
but tomorrow comes,
and goes, 
distance grows and grows, 
as life pulls us away further and further, 
around the corner, 
yet seems like so many miles, 
  Look, there is an e-mail in my box, 
a text on my phone, 
"your friend has passsed away today"
their mother and other family sends these messages,
you hold your head down,
full of regrets hits hard like falling on cement,
"I should have taken the time to see my friend"
that's what I get,
that is what we all get,
around the corner,
a vanished friend, 
    Remember always....
say what you mean, 
if you love someone, 
tell them, 
because when you decide it is time, 
it might be too late, 
seize the day, the moment, 
have no regrets, 
stay close to your family and friends, 
take the time to see them, 
do not let the hardness of life
ruin and steal you away, 
for they have helped make you, 
the very person you are today, 
they have supported, encouraged
you to get there, 
   you have a friend, 
   around the corner   :)


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