Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Favorite Collected Quates

Team Work:
  Snow flakes are of nature's most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when thye stick together.

   To succeed you must didicate to what ever
   you do, and you must set your mind to it completely.

   Change is the law of life, and those who lookonly to
   the past or present are certain to miss the future.

   Press on - nothing in the world can take the place
   of perserverance.

   Man's mind, once stretched by a rew idea,
   never re-gains it's original dimesions.

   A happy life consists in tranquility
   of mind.

   Where there is unity,
    there is always victory.

   Imagination is more important
   than knowledge.

   the harder you fall,
   the higher you bounce.

you can close your eyes from things
you don't want to "see"
but you can't close your heart on things you don't want to "feel"

   Motivation determines "what" you do
   Attitude determines "how" well you will do it.

A dream is a wish you heart
makes while your fast asleep.

Be more concerned with your "Character"
than your "Reputation".....
because your "Character" is what "you really are"
while your "Reputation is merely what other people
"think you are"

I believe that our background
and circumstances may have influenced
who we are, but we are responible for who we become.

The human spirit needs places
where nature has not been
re-arranged by the hand of man.

Don't let your mind
bully your body into
believing it must carry
the burden of its worries.

Give what you have,
it might be better than you think!

We hide to be found,
we walk away to see who will follow,
we cry to see who will wipe away the tears,
we let our hearts get broken, to see who will mend it.

Sometimes we will break down,
sometimes we will cry,
but always remember,
it is not a sign of weakness,
it is a sign we have been strong for too long!

it is not so much the words that hurt deep,
but the thoughts that pwered those words of pain,
releasing the unbearble pain,
within the thoughts pwered to words,
used as a weapon to wound and hurt.

the only way to discover the limits
of the possible is to go beyond
them into the impossible....
anything is possible...beat the challenge!

When facing your disappointments
take a step back from the original issue,
and ask yourself.....
"what do I really want? and is there a solution?"
disappoinments are not meant to to hurt us, or keep us down,
they are meant to help us grow and remind us
of what are priorities are.


A Crabby Old Man

    When an old man died in the geriatric ward of a nursing home in North Platte, Nebraska U.S.A, it was believed that he had nothing left of any value....
     Later, when the nurses were going through his megar possessions, they found this poem.
     It's quality and content so impressed the staff that copies were made and distributed to every nurse, care aid in the hospital. One nurse took her copy to Missouri.
     The old man's sole request to posteritory has since appreared in the Christimas edition of the news magazine of the St Lois Association for Mental Health. A slide presentation has also been made based on his simple, eloquent poem,
     and this little old man, with nothing left to give to the world is now the author of this "anonymous" poem winging across the internet.........

                      Crabby Old Man:

what do you see nurses? .........what do you see?
what are you thinking? ........when you look at me?
a crabby old man.......not very wise
uncertain of habit......with faraway eyes?
who dribbles his food.........and makes no reply
when you say in a loud voice......."I do wish you would try!"
who seems not to notice......the things that you do
and forever is losing..........a sock or shoe?
who, resisting or not.........lets you do as you will
with bathing and feeding..........the long day to fill?
is that what you're that what you see?
 then open your eyes're not looking at me

     I will tell you who I I sit here so still
     as I do your I eat at your will
     I'm a small child of ten.......with a father and mother
     brothers and sisters.....who love one another
     a young boy of sixteen......with wings on his feet
     dreaming that soon now.........a lover he will meet
     a groom at heart gives a leap
     remembering, the vows.......I promised to keep
     at twenty five, now........I have a young of my own
     who need me to guide........and a secure happy home
     a man of young have grown fast,
     bound to each other........with ties that should last
     at forty, my young sons..........have grown are gone
     but my woman's beside see I don't mourn
     at fifty, once more, babies play around my knee,
     again, we know loved and me
     dark days are upon wife is now dead
     I look at future.......shudder with dread
     for my young are all rearing........young of their own
    and I think of the years........and the love that I've known
    I'm an old man now......and nature is cruel
    tis jest to make old age........look like a fool
    the body, it crumbles.......grace and vigor, depart
    there is now a stone........where once I had a heart
    but inside this old carcass........a young guy still dwells
    and now and battered heart swells
    I remember the joys.......I remember the pain
    and I'm loving and over again
    I think of the years, all too few.......gone too fast
    and accept the stark fast......that nothing can last
    So open your eyes people......opne and see
    NOT a crabby old man......look closer.....see ME!


A letter From Your Disease

     Hello Addicts, your disease calling here....
I will never let you sleep or put your mind at ease, I will always be there!
no matter where you go, where you hide, I am smarter than you, I am in control, I always make you feel the need,
the hunger that tears you apart inside, a wild animal trapped,
    Family and friends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, girlfriends, all loved ones, soon they will no longer matter! I am your only family you'll ever need, I will take everything you got and still want more,
I was there for you in the good times, but mostly in the bad times.
I have made you artifically happy, but in the end your all consumed with sadness, and self hate, brought to you by my dark gifts,
you will lie to everyone and say I am not real and hate your self even more, for what I feed on!
but if that is not the case, why can't you put tiny little pills down? that needle filled with false hope down? throw away my powder and flush it away? why can't you? you love me and you can't deny it, you try so hard, but you and I know the truth,
I come in so many forms, shapes and sizes, deceit, lies, I will turn you from everyone, your humilation is my total win,
I will turn you from everyone that matters, I will turn you from everyone who tried to take you from it, it's you and I, we will spend all eternity together,
I will embrace you in all my evil forms, for I am adifferent kind of lover, one who will never set you free,
we will spend our life together, doesn't that make you happy? till death do us apart!
don't you dare let all those people tell you what I am all about because you just may find a way to escape from me and that just will not do, I don't take rejection well.....
So here I go, I will be on my way, to my next victim and the one after that,
I have so much to say, so when you think I'm gone, and your finely at ease, think your free from me, just remember this.....
I have left my deep scar with in you, and on all you have hurt and betrayed, I will always be your disease, I will always be here ot haunt you, always reminding you what you were and what you said and did, I will always be here waiting for your return, a life time reservation if you ever dare to come back!
(written by someone who won the battle against this eveilness!)

Lust- that strange sensation in all it's way

A burning searing flame that creeps through your veins,
lighting you up with a hot firey passion,
it moves ever so seductively slwo through out you,
It's dance is intoxicating,
a feeling of love and hate, it makes you feel alive,
it's a sin, a lovely temptaion, yet a deadly sin,
burning deep within and undeniable,
It is love, it is passion,
lust can be so many things to people,
yet it is mainly what it is,

Your My Friend - True Friendship To The Finest

     Your my friend through good times and bad,
Like a marriage - through sickness and health, for richer or poorer, to death do us apart,
    Your my friend, my buddy, my sister, my shoulder to lean on when things get tough, and the same is returned,
through all the happiness, good times and bad, the funny moments, serious moments, united we stand, through it all,
We walk side by side...not behind one another, right beside one another always,
You're always there to listen, without judgment, you're always there to talk, share things with, confide in, cry with, share the tears, pain and humor,
I know you'll always be there, and I to you the same, we know this because we are best friends for life, true friends to one another real and open,
we are greatful for each other's presence in each of our lives, and we treat the friendship we share like a special gift in life,
   Your my friend till end of time. friendship is not avbout whom you have known for the longest, but who came along and never left your side, never gave up on you when things got tough, never stopped being friends because you had a argument or fight, no matter what life throws at us, we are friends always.
   Your my friend for life.

Pen Pals - Friends Around The Globe

Your Pen Pals....The Unseen Friends:
     You have never met them. Their country is too far away and too expensive to get to. You write letters back and forth. In time, you begin to know one another. Sharing your life with them and all it ups and downs.
     Reading your friend's letters, it is like you have met them. Every word you read is like them speaking to you, you can hear their voice speak to you in your head as you read their very words.
    Bonds came be made from afar. Strong bonds. Sometimes they will send photos, of them, their families. Seeing their faces connects you to heir letters, they wrods shared with you, and it makes the bond that so much closer. Seeing their smiling, happy faces. Seeing their families they share with you and what they are doing gives you that warm comfort inside. To see the world they live in, their surroundings amazes you, so different from where you live.
     To learn what another culture does, how they live day to day is a special education. To share that way of life where you live, it is a special exchange of bonding.
      Your pen pals become a very special part of your life. Travelling through their words to you in their letters, and sharing back with them your world. It is such a gift in life to make friends around the globe, you may never meet them, but you know them through your letters exchanging, sometimes it is a few short years or many eyars, either way, you have a special friend, you have never met. One day it might happen, but until then.....
your pen pals, the unseen friends are a special gift of another kind of friendship :)

Explanation: How Brain Training Can Make You Significantly Smarter | How Life Works

Explanation: How Brain Training Can Make You Significantly Smarter | How Life Works