Saturday, August 25, 2012

A letter From Your Disease

     Hello Addicts, your disease calling here....
I will never let you sleep or put your mind at ease, I will always be there!
no matter where you go, where you hide, I am smarter than you, I am in control, I always make you feel the need,
the hunger that tears you apart inside, a wild animal trapped,
    Family and friends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, girlfriends, all loved ones, soon they will no longer matter! I am your only family you'll ever need, I will take everything you got and still want more,
I was there for you in the good times, but mostly in the bad times.
I have made you artifically happy, but in the end your all consumed with sadness, and self hate, brought to you by my dark gifts,
you will lie to everyone and say I am not real and hate your self even more, for what I feed on!
but if that is not the case, why can't you put tiny little pills down? that needle filled with false hope down? throw away my powder and flush it away? why can't you? you love me and you can't deny it, you try so hard, but you and I know the truth,
I come in so many forms, shapes and sizes, deceit, lies, I will turn you from everyone, your humilation is my total win,
I will turn you from everyone that matters, I will turn you from everyone who tried to take you from it, it's you and I, we will spend all eternity together,
I will embrace you in all my evil forms, for I am adifferent kind of lover, one who will never set you free,
we will spend our life together, doesn't that make you happy? till death do us apart!
don't you dare let all those people tell you what I am all about because you just may find a way to escape from me and that just will not do, I don't take rejection well.....
So here I go, I will be on my way, to my next victim and the one after that,
I have so much to say, so when you think I'm gone, and your finely at ease, think your free from me, just remember this.....
I have left my deep scar with in you, and on all you have hurt and betrayed, I will always be your disease, I will always be here ot haunt you, always reminding you what you were and what you said and did, I will always be here waiting for your return, a life time reservation if you ever dare to come back!
(written by someone who won the battle against this eveilness!)

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