Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Favorite Collected Quates

Team Work:
  Snow flakes are of nature's most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when thye stick together.

   To succeed you must didicate to what ever
   you do, and you must set your mind to it completely.

   Change is the law of life, and those who lookonly to
   the past or present are certain to miss the future.

   Press on - nothing in the world can take the place
   of perserverance.

   Man's mind, once stretched by a rew idea,
   never re-gains it's original dimesions.

   A happy life consists in tranquility
   of mind.

   Where there is unity,
    there is always victory.

   Imagination is more important
   than knowledge.

   the harder you fall,
   the higher you bounce.

you can close your eyes from things
you don't want to "see"
but you can't close your heart on things you don't want to "feel"

   Motivation determines "what" you do
   Attitude determines "how" well you will do it.

A dream is a wish you heart
makes while your fast asleep.

Be more concerned with your "Character"
than your "Reputation".....
because your "Character" is what "you really are"
while your "Reputation is merely what other people
"think you are"

I believe that our background
and circumstances may have influenced
who we are, but we are responible for who we become.

The human spirit needs places
where nature has not been
re-arranged by the hand of man.

Don't let your mind
bully your body into
believing it must carry
the burden of its worries.

Give what you have,
it might be better than you think!

We hide to be found,
we walk away to see who will follow,
we cry to see who will wipe away the tears,
we let our hearts get broken, to see who will mend it.

Sometimes we will break down,
sometimes we will cry,
but always remember,
it is not a sign of weakness,
it is a sign we have been strong for too long!

it is not so much the words that hurt deep,
but the thoughts that pwered those words of pain,
releasing the unbearble pain,
within the thoughts pwered to words,
used as a weapon to wound and hurt.

the only way to discover the limits
of the possible is to go beyond
them into the impossible....
anything is possible...beat the challenge!

When facing your disappointments
take a step back from the original issue,
and ask yourself.....
"what do I really want? and is there a solution?"
disappoinments are not meant to to hurt us, or keep us down,
they are meant to help us grow and remind us
of what are priorities are.


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