Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pen Pals - Friends Around The Globe

Your Pen Pals....The Unseen Friends:
     You have never met them. Their country is too far away and too expensive to get to. You write letters back and forth. In time, you begin to know one another. Sharing your life with them and all it ups and downs.
     Reading your friend's letters, it is like you have met them. Every word you read is like them speaking to you, you can hear their voice speak to you in your head as you read their very words.
    Bonds came be made from afar. Strong bonds. Sometimes they will send photos, of them, their families. Seeing their faces connects you to heir letters, they wrods shared with you, and it makes the bond that so much closer. Seeing their smiling, happy faces. Seeing their families they share with you and what they are doing gives you that warm comfort inside. To see the world they live in, their surroundings amazes you, so different from where you live.
     To learn what another culture does, how they live day to day is a special education. To share that way of life where you live, it is a special exchange of bonding.
      Your pen pals become a very special part of your life. Travelling through their words to you in their letters, and sharing back with them your world. It is such a gift in life to make friends around the globe, you may never meet them, but you know them through your letters exchanging, sometimes it is a few short years or many eyars, either way, you have a special friend, you have never met. One day it might happen, but until then.....
your pen pals, the unseen friends are a special gift of another kind of friendship :)

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